LOGO_1024The Artist Ideas app is a mobile interactive guide to inspire, nudge and push all creative professionals through humor and art history. This is a “how to” guide for solving most any visual art related problem. 100 ideas without “art speak”. It can ease the pangs of writers block without the use of medications. Many artists know these ideas, but need to be reminded again and again. Most of these ideas have been in use for centuries as unwritten or written rules for art making. From William Shakespeare to Pablo Picasso. From Joan Mitchell to Andy Warhol. Any artist worth their salt knows of or has made use of many of these ideas. Although these ideas are not new, they are as fresh today as 500 years ago. Essential as air. No hidden fees or group hugs. Artist Ideas is art, in and of itself.
Artist Ideas is Mobile Interactive Art Education Tool that can be used in the classroom as part of the curriculum. These ideas will inspire you and your students:

• Select a new Artist Idea to include in the lesson plans for the week.

• Use the flow chart for a discussion on how Artist Ideas connect, feed and work together.

• Have your students search on their iPads for an Artist Idea that corresponds to an assignment.

• You may also select an Artist Idea at random from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. During critique time, random ideas are wonderful for in-depth class discussion.

• Apply a random idea to a students work for a lift of confidence.

• Overcome writer’s (Artist’s) block with a random idea from your Apple Watch.

• Discuss and create new Artist Ideas with your class.

Download the Artist Ideas app from the Apple Store or from Google. Made for your phone, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch or download a printable version here: ARTIST IDEAS BOOK

Download the ARTIST IDEAS FLOW CHART SCHEMATIC used in the app. Printable for your wall or classroom.

Four Videos from the Backline Singers 2009 installation

[yendifplayer video=1]LIVING CODE
[yendifplayer video=3]COYOTE JUGGLES HIS/HER EYES
[yendifplayer video=4]COYOTE SEES ME